Frequenty Asked Questions

We believe that the best inventory and purchase options are available from RV dealers. Focusing on mid-sized RV dealers provides the most options for potential buyers. Our custom-built software allows us to quickly and accurately load dealer inventory and make it available through our search engine

Once a dealer has activated their FREE Premium Listings, the View Details page lists dealer location address, phone, location hours and a contact form is available for customers to communicate with the RV dealer once a location email address has been set up. will gather a large portion of the data directly from the dealer web site using our custom-built software. On a periodic basis we will retrieve inventory information and include it in the search engine. Once Premium Listings are activated, images and additional data collected will be displayed. data is based upon the current layout of your web site. If the website changes, just contact us, and will make the necessary changes. If any information is incorrect simply let us know and we will communicate what can do to resolve the concern.

To have listings appear in Premium format on, a dealer representative must register on the site and then activate Premium Listings. Activation is simple, using the provided Dealership Code, fill out the registration form and follow the activation directions. If you don't remember your Dealership Code or don't have one, contact us. Once registered on the site, a temporary password will be sent to the email address used during registration.

If you have logged in before but have forgotten your password, use the Forgot Password link on the login page to reset your password and be sent a new temporary password to login to the site with. Upon logging in with the temporary password you will be prompted to setup a new password of your choosing.

Initially dealer location information will be setup using the registration form and the dealer web site. This information includes your location address(es), phone, and location hours. This information is maintained on the Location page in the Dealer Portal.

A number of reports are available once a dealers web site is included and data has started to be collected. The reports include visit tracking and contact form submissions.